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    • REACH: Respect Enthusiasm Aspiration Courage Hope      Parents/Carers:  Please see CLASS ZONE for home learning provided by your child's classteacher.   Stay Safe  Stay Well

    Class 3 Home learning 11th May

    I hope you are all keeping happy and healthy at home. I miss seeing all of your smiling faces everyday. 

    Enjoy VE day tomorrow and please do send photos of any stay at home parties you have. 

    Stay safe everyone and please get in touch if you need any help

    Mrs Tommy

    Outline for Week 4

    Maths Year 3: 

    Day 1: Y3 Wk4 Equivalent fractions activity 2Lesson 1 equivalent fractions 2 answers

    Day 2: Y3 Wk4 Equivalent fractions 3 activityLesson 2 Equivalent fractions 3 answers

    Day 3: Y3 Wk4 Compare fractions activityLesson 3 Compare fractions answers

    Day 4: Y3 Wk4 Order fractions activityLesson 4 Order fraction answers

    Day 5: Reasoning and Problem Solving


    Maths Year 4: 

    Day 1: Y4 Write Decimals ActivityWrite decimals answers

    Day 2: Y4 Compare decimals activityY4 Compare decimals answers

    Day 3: Y4 Order decimals activityY4 Order decimals answers

    Day 4: Y4 Round decimals activityY4 Round decimals answers

    Day 5: Y4 Reasoning and Problem Solving Comparing/Ordering Decimals



    Y3Talk for Writing unit from last week

    Y4 TFW unit from last week

    Year 3 Spelling and Handwriting:'

    Y3 Spelling PowerPoint /u/ as ou

    Y3 Handwriting Practice - ou

    Year 3 ou Word Search

    Year 4 Spelling and Handwriting: Y4 Spelling PowerPoint - auto

    Y4 handwriting practice - auto,

     Y4 Word Search - auto



    Classification keys PowerPoint - fun

    Support for introducing Keys using sweetsConstructing keys - example image

    Easier activity Classification key

    KS2 Sealife centre pupil workbook



    World map

    Map of Africa


    African Animals Art Examples