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    Class 3 Home Learning 22nd June

    Dear Parents and children,

    Hoping you are all well? It does seem like such a long time now since we have been together in school. The home learning for week 4 is attached below. Our current plan in school is for planning to be sent for week 4 and week 5 as it has been. The final two weeks of term will be less structured and may feature more tasks for reflection, transition or for summer learning. 

    Remember to contact me at class3@hadnall.shropshire.sch.uk if you have any questions or would like to share the children's achievements. 

    Please complete the children's report page and return to school by Friday 26th June:

    Child report comments June 2020

    Take care and stay safe! 

    Mrs Tommy

    Outline for week beginning June 22nd

    Y3 Spelling:

    Presentation zhuh spelt 'sure'Handwriting sureY3 Look cover sureCoordinates Spelling Game Y3 'sure'Word Search 'sure'

    Y4 Spelling:

    Y4 Presentation 'ous' 2Handwriting ous 2Look Cover Activity ous 2Spelling Crossword ous,

    Word Search ous 2


    Y3 Maths: 

    Lesson 1: Measure-length true or false warm upMeasure-length activityMeasure-length answers

    Lesson 2: Equivalent-lengths true or falseEquivalent-lengths activityEquivalent-lengths answers

    Lesson 3: Equivalent-lengths mm-cm true or falseEquivalent-lengths mm-and-cm activity,

    Equivalent-lengths mm-and-cm answers

    Lesson 4: Compare-lengths activityCompare-lengths answers

    Lesson 5: Reasoning Y3 length


    Y4 Maths:

    Resources: Fraction wall

    Lesson 1: Recognise-tenths-and-hundredths activityRecognise-tenths-and-hundredths answers

    Lesson 2: Equivalent-fractions Y4 activityEquivalent-fractions answers

    Lesson 3: Equivalent-fractions 2 activityEquivalent-fractions 2 answers

    Lesson 4:  Fractions-greater-than-1 activityFractions-greater-than-1 answers

    Lesson 5: Exploring equivalent fractions with lego



    Lesson Presentation Digestive System Functions

    Activity Sheet Interactive Digestive System easy and middle_level.pdf

    Activity Sheet Interactive Digestive System hard

    Digestive System Explanation Text and Questions

    Who Wants to be a Millionaire-Digestive System